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Living & Learning cooperative - Terms of collective awareness

For the families who wish to join us for this coming year to any of the activities, we wish to share the Terms of Collective Awareness of this ongoing project. Each one of these Terms regulates the Cooperative system throughout the year: they are based on feedback and long term observations.

It is extremely important to make sure you can commit to respond to them before enrolling.

If they don’t resonate to you, this might not be the choice that suits your family.


By enrolling you commit to the Terms of Awareness and support the existence and healthy growth of the “Living and Learning Cooperative”.

Please read all points, and if you accept them, fill in the inscription form below.

Thank you for your attention.


Priority of space will be given to:

  • Families already enrolled in the previous year that were able to respond to the Terms and manifested a cooperative and responsible engagement.

  • Families living in the area for more than one year.

  • Children who can already speak and understand Portuguese language.

  • Families who are homeschooling or unschooling and do not expect curricular support.

  • Families willing to make a yearly commitment of participation.


Families Participation and Cooperation


*In order to sustain the functioning and development of the project, families have to be present and pro-active by taking part in Communal Days and Fundraising events:


Communal Days: each nucleus holds one communal day per trimester to maintain and develop the Spaces. It is expected that one representative of each family offers a minimum of 4 hours per trimester for each nucleus they participate in. In this way we make sure that communal efforts are equally shared in the required dates where each family has to be present or send someone (neighbor, friend, woofer…) on their behalf.

A family which does not complete this commitment of 4 hours per nucleus per trimester will be charged 7 Euros per hour which will be used to carry out the planned tasks.


Fundraising Events: The Cooperative (all nucleuses together) organizes 2 events throughout the year (Christmas Market and spring event) to create a common buffer to cover different needs that are not included in the monthly fees. It is expected that at least one representative of each family offers a minimum of 4 hours for each event.

For those unable to attend, same conditions will apply as stated for Communal Days.


* We are open for arranging cooperation with parents who can share a skill or gift in a specific area such as Education, Accounting, Communication, and Coordination of events or Maintenance.

Monthly fees


  • * Monthly payment of fees should be done by the first week of each month.  Please be responsible for making the payment on time

  • Payments can also be done in advance for the whole Trimester.

  • Payments are done separately to each nucleus (Tipi/Borboletras/Tertulia day )

  • Full month fees are expected from October to June. (Some months have 5 weeks, which then recompense the months of vacations).

  •  We are unable to give discounts if children are travelling or not attending activities for other reasons.  This is the only way to maintain the sustainability of the project.

  • If you wish to withdraw your child from one day or all days of activity- please give the earliest notice possible. Anyhow - we ask for a payment of one extra month (month in which the child is already not participating).  This is following the intention of receiving families with a yearly commitment!


Yearly calendar


  • Each nucleus will share dates regarding seasonal celebrations, meetings, shows, communal days and holidays at the beginning of each trimester.

  • The Cooperative will share the same dates for Christmas and Easter breaks. 

  • We offer Seasonal celebrations to gather families in special dates, sharing time, activities, offers and more.





  • Communication with mentors about specific issues is possible by the end of the day with previous notice. On Arrival time (mornings), mentors are not available for this purpose. Attention towards the children and start of day's flow is at this time our priority.

  • It is very important that parents and mentors communicate directly and in good timing to each other when relevant observations from either side arise.

  • Private meetings can be set if mentors or parents feel the need for intimate sharing related to the child's process.

  • One meeting per trimester will be held to share feedback related to the children and other issues regarding the Cooperative’s functioning.

  • The Cooperative shares a private web page where families enrolled are allowed to view updated information about relevant topics to all.

  • Each nucleus will create an email contact list of participating families to share specific internal information.





  • Observe and consider if your child is healthy to join the group, both for avoiding contagious diseases to spread and not to expose the child to the activities' dynamics when what they need is to stay at home to recover.

  • Lice are not welcome. If someone finds them on the child’s head, that family is responsible for informing everybody else via general email right away.



  • Respect healthy eating and send only healthy snacks and drinks (fruit, dry fruits, tea…)

  • Cookers menu provides a fresh, seasonal, vegetarian, gluten and lactose free meal.

  • In case of any allergies or special dietary needs, children can bring their personal food box from home.

  • Desserts are only provided in celebration days and when prepared as a daily activity by the children.



Arrival and pickup times

  • Arrival and Pick up times should be respected, please be on time!

  • Parents should not stay in personal conversation between themselves inside the activities spaces as not to interfere in the starting and closing flow of the dynamics.

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