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Aljezur Piano & Music School

Piano lessons for children and adults through fun, science-based methods right here in Vale da Telha

Aljezur Piano & Music School
Hi, I'm Sylvi and I teach piano classes for beginners and intermediate levels starting at 6 years old.
Starting at 3 years old is possible as well for rhythm, introduction to instruments and musical games.

Each lesson is a combination of training finger flexibility, actively playing the piano, as well as rhythm basics and music theory. My approach is to teach in a playful, fun way. I use various books and resources during the lessons, and provide practice sheets in pdf form
(sent out by email after each lesson).
Suggestions from students regarding types of music or particular songs they would like to play are welcome!


The Details
One regular class is 45 minutes long
Classes are taking place at Sylvi's 
grand piano in Vale da Telha
Trial class 10 EUR for 30 min. or 15 EUR for 45 min.
Individual class 40 EUR for 45 min.
Classes Package 120 EUR (c
hoose either 4 classes with 45 min. or 6 classes with 30 min. each) *
* package can be used up over the course of 2 months

Contact Me
Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram +351 915 074 085
Lessons can be in English, Portuguese, German or French

Sylvi Hahn

I love accompanying kids on their musical journeys, discovering the joy and love for music and the magical ability to create music! With adults I"m happy to share a deep love from music and technic, as well as deeper music theory.

To make progress, I believe a regular practice of 15-30 minutes each day, or at least every other day, is recommended. There are homework assignments during each lesson. Students will need either a keyboard or a piano at home in order to practice.
Activity is registered with Financas, and homeschoolers can prove their child’s enrollment in music education with the respective receipts.

About me: I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old, and had a practice period from 6 until 18 years old, with regular performances at my school and my music school concerts. Between 18-34 years old I did not play the piano as I did not have access to it during that time.
Started playing again with 34 years and have not stopped since (now in my mid 40s.). Together with my husband and our 2 kids I live in Vale da Telha, where I teach the piano lessons at my grand piano. I speak and teach in various languages, such as Portuguese, English, German and French. I have sung in various choir groups, such as the Aljezur International Choir, and very recently started participating in the Coro da Gente choir, where we have regular performances.

I am happy to answer your questions and schedule a lesson!

Contact me at +351 915 074 085 or

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