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This is a text that says what we do, who we are for, where we are based, languages available, platforms etc. It will be colorful, background can change. "dedicated to businesses and entrepreneurs we love". It's personal. 
It will be about this big, not quite the whole first scroll
It will have a clear link to contact us.

Here will be an interesting and gently playfull way to choose from the types of sites we've created - Therapy, Restaurants, Beauty products, editing services etc. There should also be a way to alternate to the types of projects so website, shops, social marketing, advertising etc. also languages. some rollover ajax trick

Here screenshots and a very short description will start, just one big scoll of wide image, linked to the website, with text underneath. Anchors will take from the tricky ajax. Each website should get about this much space, on a strip for easy movement.



bit more. But that's it.


Branding, multilingual website & ongoing consulting for holistic coach and teacher Maya Oppenlander



Website, catalog, newsletters and flyers for family created Naturaleza herbal natural products & remedies


karin A

Website, online shops design and maintenance, social media marketing and newsletters for women's clothing designer Karin Aviaz

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